Content and stories optimized for your customers.

CSO specializes in creating content marketing that connects with people. We can help you achieve success and generate opportunities.

Content for Your Customers

When your budget is tight and you need to stretch every dollar in marketing, you cannot overpay for low-quality content. You need to create engagement and build your pipeline. We can be your difference-maker in marketing.

Content Strategy

We can help build a comprehensive content strategy that aligns to your business goals and reaches the right audience.

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Content Audit

Is your content effective? Do you have gaps in your customer journey? We can audit your content to determine what is working and what is missing.

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Content Creation

From creating outlines and interviewing your subject matter experts to drafts, revisions, and legal approvals, we can create the content you need.

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Lead Generation

Generating leads or opportunities for your sales team is an essential function of all content marketing efforts. We bake lead generation into all our content plans.

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Research and Reports

Research, reports, guides and white papers are important for every organization. Our team has worked across many industries to create compelling resources.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are our answer engines. SEO is a critical part of all our audits, as well as our content creation process.

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What Can You Expect From Us?

Full project planning and customer support

Every content project - whether it is a simple blog post or a complex campaign - needs a good project plan and available support for when you have questions or changes.

Ideas that help move the needle

Creativity and coming up with ideas to help make a story resonate with your target audience are what we live for.

Additional Services and Solutions

Content creation and lead generation programs are important, but so too are the technologies and platforms that make delivery possible. CSO provides very specialized services and solutions to help ensure your campaigns are a success.

Marketing Automation

Manage all email, social media, lead generation and sales opportunities from one platform. Marketing automation centralizes and automates your marketing communications and contacts.

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Power your entire funnel with the SharpSpring platform. Every feature works together to increase engagement and boost awareness and sales.

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